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Big Green Egg XL Large Barbecue Ceramic charcoal oven cm. 61
  • Big Green Egg XL Large Barbecue Ceramic charcoal oven cm. 61

Big Green Egg XL Large Barbecue Ceramic charcoal oven cm. 61

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Big Green Egg XL Large Barbecue Ceramic charcoal oven cm. 61

  • The Big Green Egg is based on an ancient Asian clay oven model dating back more than 3000 years, known as the “kamado”. In the last century, the American officers stationed in Japan tried the exquisite dishes prepared in the characteristic clay pot, and decided to take it with them to the United States to prepare the same delicious dishes at home. Founded in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), Big Green Egg has made it possible for all Americans to purchase this jewel of Asian gastronomy. The company started the business by importing Japanese and Chinese "kamado". However, over time the company developed a refined model using advanced ceramic processing technologies directly from NASA. The decision was then made to move production to Mexico, given the country's long tradition in ceramic manufacturing and high-quality production facilities. Before leaving the company, each Big Green Egg is subjected to a thorough quality control. The manufacturing facility is ISO9001 certified, which means it meets the highest quality standards in the industry.
  • To learn more about the secrets of the Big Green Egg, we have to travel back in time for many centuries. More than 3,000 years ago it was already used in East Asia as a traditional firewood oven. This is where it was discovered and chosen by the Japanese as a cooking method, and they called it "kamado", which means oven or fireplace. American soldiers discovered “kamado” in Japan at the beginning of the last century and took it home as a souvenir. Over time, the ancient model has been further improved in Atlanta (Georgia, USA) in accordance with contemporary knowledge, manufacturing technologies and innovative materials. NASA's groundbreaking ceramic technology also contributed to the creation of this extraordinary outdoor cooking tool: the Big Green Egg.
  • COVER WITH CHIMNEY The dome-shaped ceramic lid with chimney can be opened and closed easily thanks to the spring mechanism. The ceramic material has a double protective glaze. The insulating and heat-retaining properties of the material create a flow of air inside the EGG, so that the food is cooked evenly and tasty.
  • SUPPORT CIRCLE It is positioned above the combustion area and supports both the plate for indirect cooking and the cooking grates
  • CERAMIC HEARTH The firebox is positioned inside the base and must be filled with charcoal. Thanks to its sophisticated openings and ventilation areas, the air flow is kept constant and optimal when the upper temperature control system (chimney) and the lower ventilation system are open.
  • BASE Extraordinarily durable insulated ceramic. Resists chipping and won't fade.
  • REGGULATOR It performs a dual task, regulating the flow of air and controlling the temperature with precision.
  • THERMOMETER It accurately indicates the internal temperature. Allows you to monitor the progress of cooking without opening the EGG.
  • STAINLESS STEEL GRILL The stainless steel grill is the main cooking surface used for grilling or roasting
  • GRATE It is positioned inside the hearth and has a perforated structure that allows the air to rise upwards inside the EGG and the ash to remain in the lower part of the brazier in order to facilitate its removal at the end of cooking .
  • VENTILATION OPENING Works in tune with the rEGGulator, regulating the flow of incoming air to control the temperature. It also allows you to remove the ash.
  • A SPECIAL CERAMIC The ceramic used to make a Big Green Egg reflects the heat generated by the embers, creating a flow of air that makes the ingredients and dishes tender and tasty. It is an excellent quality ceramic developed by NASA, with extraordinary insulating properties and able to withstand extreme temperatures and thermal changes.
  • PERFECT AIR CIRCULATION The ability of the ceramic to reflect heat and the shape of the Big Green Egg allow perfect air circulation inside the appliance, ensuring uniform cooking of food at the desired temperature.
  • SUSTAINABLE AND ECONOMIC The excellent air circulation offers an additional advantage: as the hot air remains inside the EGG, cooking with this product also becomes economical. Charcoal burns longer and produces less ash. In addition to being sustainable in use, the Big Green Egg is also made from sustainable materials. Creating products with sustainable materials is in fact one of our prerogatives.
  • OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL The temperature inside the Big Green Egg can be adjusted with extreme precision from 70 to 350 ° C, even in the presence of outside temperatures below zero. In fact, thanks to the insulating properties of the high-quality ceramic, the external temperatures do not affect those inside the EGG.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 UL certified, which means it meets the highest quality standards in the industry. Furthermore, before leaving the factory, every single Big Green Egg undergoes a final, scrupulous check. It is also by virtue of our factory certification and control processes that we are fully accountable for our product, to the point of offering a limited lifetime warranty on the materials and structure of all ceramic components of the EGG.
  • THE TASTE OF A LIFETIME The manufacturing features combined with the manufacturing process and the special ceramic used for the Big Green Egg result in a much more durable barbecue appliance than comparable products. A Big Green Egg can be heated at least 100,000 times without any loss of quality, which means it lasts at least a lifetime, allowing you to enjoy unlimited healthy and tasty dishes.
  • ENDLESS CULINARY POSSIBILITIES In addition to grilling, baking, steaming, sautéing and smoking, the Big Green Egg also allows the slow cooking of large cuts of meat or delicate ingredients such as shellfish, crustaceans and fish fillets. Thanks to the ceramic convEGGtor, it is easy to turn the Big Green Egg into a real oven. By adding the Flat Baking Stone, you can easily bake fragrant loaves of bread and crispy crust pizzas. The possibilities are endless: try them all and unleash your creativity!
  • UNMISTAKABLE DESIGN AND AESTHETICS Last but not least, the Big Green Egg boasts an equally spectacular design. The original shape and the captivating color make it unique and unmistakable.
  • As a food enthusiast, there is one thing you know for sure: with a Big Green Egg you will bring quality kamado into your home (or garden or terrace or balcony). In addition to grilling, the Big Green Egg is perfect for grilling, smoking, and slow cooking. An EGG is more than a barbecue, it's a full outdoor kitchen where you can bake pizzas, smoke fish, slow cook and prepare all the things you can even do in a regular oven. The culinary possibilities of the Big Green Egg are limitless. So, the question is not why you want an EGG, but which of the 7 models is best suited to your needs. For this reason we have provided a brief description of the models. Find out for yourself that there is always a suitable EGG, no matter how small or large your family, your group of friends and your garden (or terrace) are!
  • X-Large BGE AXLHD The big Big Green Egg, convenient for parties with friends.
  • It cooks up to 24 burgers at the same time or 2 huge turkeys.
  • Grid: Ø 61 cm
  • Cooking area: 2919 cm2
  • Weight: 99 Kg

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Big Green Egg XL Large Barbecue Ceramic charcoal oven cm. 61

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Big Green Egg XL Large Barbecue Ceramic charcoal oven cm. 61

Big Green Egg XL Large Barbecue Ceramic charcoal oven cm. 61