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Manure Linfa SUOLOVIVO KG. 12
  • Manure Linfa SUOLOVIVO KG. 12

Manure Linfa SUOLOVIVO KG. 12

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Manure Linfa SUOLOVIVO KG. 12


Organo-mineral fertilizer NPK 6.6.6 + 1 Fe. Low chlorine content.


Suolovivo is a balanced and complete fertilizer produced exclusively with selected substances of natural origin and all permitted for use in organic farming: a first fraction, "nitrogenous", consisting of manure (selected manure, stabilized and humified for at least 7/8 months ); a second, also "nitrogenous", from blood meal; a third, “phospho-potassium”, from mineral matrices. Due to this particular composition, Suolovivo effectively performs a double action:

- Amending action, as it improves the chemical-physical-biological characteristics of the soil (greater cohesion of sandy soils and greater looseness of clayey soils, with reduction of the risk of cracking and surface crust) and favors the development of useful bacterial microflora, actions both of which contribute to increasing the overall fertility of the land. The physical state, in comfortable "compressed cylinders" (pellets), allows both manual and mechanical distribution, as well as giving the product a longer duration of the amending action;

- Nourishing action, as it provides all the elements necessary for the growth and development of crops. The presence of blood meal, an organic substance with rapid mineralization, also gives the fertilizer a "starter" effect, ie an "immediate" nutritional contribution. Suolovivo can therefore be safely used not only in annual and "basic" fertilizations, but also in "maintenance" fertilizations, that is, close to or during the vegetative phase of crops. The “multilayer” bag acts as a barrier to odors, which in any case are not an indication of alteration in quality but given solely by the natural origin of the constituent raw materials. Suolovivo does not contain weed seeds, nor fungal spores, nor parasites and does not leave residues in the soil.

Fields, doses, methods and period of use

Planting of trees and shrubs in open ground: 300-400 grams per hole, mixed with the filling earth.

Pre-sowing or pre-transplanting of vegetables and flowers: 200-300 gr / sqm. Distribute before tillage and bury with digging or plowing. Alternatively, it can be distributed after working the soil, burying it at a depth of 5-10 cm. with harrowing or milling.

Grassy carpets before sowing or laying turf / turf rolls: 200-300 gr / m2, burying slightly.

Annual fertilization of orchards and other tree crops (basic fertilization): 200-300 gr / m2. in the autumn-winter period. Distribute at a distance of about 20 cm from the trunk and bury with spade at a depth of 10-15 cm. When fertilizing grassed orchards (spontaneous turf or resown between the rows) the product must be evenly distributed on the surface. The subsequent mowing of the grass accelerates its dissolution.

Maintenance fertilizations: 100-150 gr / sqm. during the entire vegetative cycle of crops, starting about 30 days after sowing or transplanting. Bury lightly.

Tip: in autumn digging, supplementing with a good amount of Linfa Peat Bionda (also allowed for use in organic farming) contributes to improving the physical characteristics of the soil.

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Manure Linfa SUOLOVIVO KG. 12

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Manure Linfa SUOLOVIVO KG. 12

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